No typical day in artist in residence’s classroom
Bryce Richter/UW Communication

Bryce Richter/UW Communication

Excerpt from UW-Madison News Release by Lisa Speckhard:

It didn’t take long for the students in Amy Franceschini’s class to realize that this wasn’t going to be your typical art course.

A guest speaker, to make a point about changing perspectives, invited the class to “swim” on the floor.

“I just noticed how rarely I move my body in strange ways,” says Paige Lyons, an environmental science student in the class. “Here we were all just swimming on the floor; it just makes you giggle and laugh.”

It’s moments like this that make Franceschini’s statement, “There’s no typical classroom day,” believable. San Francisco-based Franceschini is the 2016 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence at University Wisconsin–Madison. The Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program enables the Arts Institute to support extended residencies for the benefit of all arts departments and programs of the University. Artists teach an interdisciplinary course for university credit, present at least one free public event and participate in community outreach activities. | Read more ... 

Rachael Lallensack