UW-Madison helps artist prepare for voyage
John Hart/State Journal

John Hart/State Journal

Excerpt from Wisconsin State Journal's coverage of a casting call by Patricia Sims:

Doug Reinemann didn’t know anything about Amy Franceschini when he and a colleague, Elisa Graffy, took shelter in the Sunset Lounge of the UW Memorial Union from a pesky April shower. The serendipity would become obvious.

Franceschini, a California-based social practice artist who founded a group called Futurefarmers in 1995 to explore alternate farming methods, is finishing up a semester residency in Madison as the Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence sponsored by the UW-Madison Arts Institute.

She’s been teaching a class, “Ecology of Research: Seeds of Time,” that focuses on a public art project in Oslo, Norway.| Read more ... 

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